My Stack


Used java throughout university completed the majority of my coursework with java and it was the language I first learned how to program in, teaching me OOP concepts


Python is a language I've always had experience in, even before starting university, I use it often to quickly prototype or test out quick algorithms. I also use python to automate some frequent tasks to make my life easier, so in theory python is the most useful language for me.


Go was a new language for me in 3rd year, but quickly became my favorite language thanks to Humaid being apart of our team; Nadlow. We used go-macaron (a go based web framework) in conjunction with basic web technologies to create a smart home app of the future called iglú, learn more about it Here..

My Workstation

iiyama GB2560HSU-B1 (Primary Monitor)

This is my primary monitor on my desktop, it has a 140hz refresh rate allowing me to scroll through my code extra smoothly and definitely not for playing games

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(Secondary Monitor)

This is my secondary monitor, Its IPS tech makes it ideal for reviewing media content, testing my implementations and browsing the web, definitely not for netflix.

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The Purple Box
(My Desktop)

This is my custom built pc, it includes a Ryzen 5 3600 coupled along with an RTX 2070 and 32GB of 3600MHz Ram. It is very fast. Currently running windows, planning on migrating to linux. Not for games btw.

Parts List

Amazon Alexa Dot (FBI spy tool)

My choice of invasion of privacy is my amazon alexa, its job is to listen and record all my conversations and send them to the fbi. I also use it to controll my two hue bulbs and also play some spotify.

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Ducky One2 TKL Horizon Cherry MX browns

This is my keyboard, went through a lil bit of a keyboard buying rampage over the years, but I finally settled on this lil guy. perfect keyboard for me love the brown switches, love the keycaps on this thing and its blue/purple look. Wont be getting another kb in a long time.

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Zowie EC1
(big mouse)

This is my mouse, it is pretty large compared to most other mice, and is perfect for my large hands, one thing i like about this mouse is it's lack of RGB and general cringey gamer aesthetic. This is a big contrast to a few years ago where was obsessed with all things rgb

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Hyper-X Cloud2 Headset

Been using this headset since 2016. Quick shoutout to r/headphoens, picked these over other headsets for a couple of reasons. First the fact that their pretty understated and not very offensive in terms of design. Also sound quality, the drivers are made by Beyerdynamics, an audiophile company, and actually they are just a rebranded Takstar Pro 80. So an audiophile grade headphone with the added bonus of a mic.

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GiroFlex G64

Bought to replace my random amazon chair, really firm and keeps my posture kinda in check. Retails for £550 but not trying to pay that much for a chair so bought it 2nd hand (referb) for A-LOT cheaper. It's really solid has a lot of adjustments including seat pan and back height which is pretty cool. Only issue I have with it is that it doesn't go down far enough. But that might be because my desk isn't high enough for me. aw well.

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Philips Hue Bulbs

Really overpriced bulbs, pretty cool and all, work well with alexa, planning on getting the hue bridge eventually allowing me to do alot more with them vs controlling via bluetooth. Usually just leave the lamp on a purpleish color and my main room a warmish white, because blue light bad!

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My Portable Setup

My Photography Gear

My Preferred Software